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Bed bugs are tiny, rust-colored parasites that dine on the blood of humans and animals. Because they are primarily nocturnal, bed bugs can be difficult to detect. During the day, they typically hide under your mattress and come out to feed at night. However, they can also hide in baseboards, switch plates, upholstered furniture and carpeting. These minuscule pests have even been found behind wallpaper.

How do Bed Bugs Travel?

Bed bugs don’t travel far without help. Instead, they migrate by climbing into your suitcase when you stay at a hotel, or they can crawl onto your clothes while you are at the movies. Because these tenacious parasites can exist for nearly a year without feeding, bed bugs can also enter your home when you purchase used furniture.

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

Many people are unaware of a problem until it becomes severe. If you or your family members notice unexplained red bumps on your bodies, you may have bed bugs in your home. Bed bugs are not known to transmit diseases, but in severe cases, some people develop anemia or allergic reactions after being bitten. You may also notice red smears from crushed bed bugs on your sheets or in the corners of your mattress. In some cases, you may find their eggs, which resemble extremely small grains of rice, or you may even find live bed bugs.

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