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What is Total Pest Management?

From cockroaches and biting flies to the Norway rat and the black widow spider, Spokane residents deal with an annoying array of pests. Whether they bite, sting or are simply nuisances, pests can seriously impact your household. Some insects, spiders and rodents inflict pain or endanger your health and safety. Others can cause major damage to your residence. And the rest make your house, condo or apartment feel a little less like home. Eden Advanced Pest Technologies explains how Total Pest Management works to restore comfort and protect your family and your finances. A Next-Level Pest Control Strategy Conventional pest control treatments keep infestations at bay, especially when used along with preventive measures. But Total Pest Management takes pest prevention and control to the next level. This comprehensive strategy eliminates existing infestations with additional treatments and uses powerful yet safe prevention tactics to keep 50-plus pest varieties from disturbing your...
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