The best way to fight against an insect invasion is by being proactive. You don’t need to be a wildlife scientist to keep ants, arachnids, and others away. In fact, just a few simple steps can put you well on your way toward a bug-proof home. Before the bugs get inside your home, learn how to keep them out.

Fill and Screen Those Holes

While cracks in your walls might not be structurally significant, they can create an entrance for unwelcome visitors. Fix them up with caulk, spackle or any hole-filling adhesive designed for the materials of the surrounding area. Windows and doors should use screens of 20 mesh so that air can get in, while bugs stay out. While working on the entryways, make sure each has a screen door that can close on its own to shield the interior of your home from winged intruders. Install door seals so that crawling critters can’t stroll inside, either. If you can see light through the bottom of any given exterior door, it needs a seal.

Check Those Pipes

You might not realize it, but a leaky pipe creates more than just a puddle. It actually provides a water source that attracts insects to your home. Furthermore, excess water can weaken the structures around it, creating new paths for insects to enter. Check your plumbing for leaks regularly to keep the pests away.

Capture Those Crumbs

Remember, bugs get hungry just like we do. They’ll go wherever food is easily accessible. That means if you happen to leave crumbs around, or let the dirty dishes pile up, you’re unwittingly inviting insects into your home. Practice good clean-up habits. Keep a handheld vacuum within reach for small messes, and clean dishes throughout the day if you can, so that a big pile isn’t waiting for you at night.

Stay on Top of Those Outdoor Chores

Bugs typically reside just outside of your home, so treat that space like it’s your own. Keep piles of leaves off your lawn, and minimize the amount of yard debris that may collect in your area. Prune back nearby shrubs and trees, especially if they’re within touching distance of your home. Regular yard work will help keep pests at bay.

Of course, if your home’s bug situation is out of control, more drastic measures are needed. When all else fails, contact Eden Advanced Pest Technologies.

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by Eden Advanced Pest Technologies March 4, 2019

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