Making your home completely pest free is an undertaking! But the chances that your home is 100 percent pest free are low. If a pest is willing, it will find a way into your home. A small crack or broken pipe that you didn’t know about will be the pest’s entrance. But, you can continue to reduce your chances for the unwanted guests by eliminating the things that attract them into your home. The attractions for your potential roommates include food, water and shelter.

Eliminating the Doorways

The small intruders will find any small crack to use as an entrance to your home. If you want to keep the pests out, you need to be diligent in finding the doorways before they do. Once you find the doors, you need to seal them tight. You need to then continue to monitor your home for new doors. Let’s face it, as your house’s foundation settles or shifts, the potential for new cracks occurs. Those new cracks are now your unwanted guests way in.

No More Food For You!

Another attraction for pests is food. If you take away the food source, you take away one of the main reasons for the pests to come in and stay. So, to remove the food source, you need to keep your home clean. You can start by:

  • -Making sure all food is not left out for a long period of time.
  • -Wiping the counters and appliances after cooking.
  • -Making sure the dishes do not sit in the sink.
  • -Emptying the trash regularly and keeping the area clean.
  • -Regularly wiping or vacuuming the floors.

If your home is continually kept clean and the food source is no longer available, the pests will find another place to dine.

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Water Attracts

Pests need water to survive. So if you remove the water sources, you reduce the chances of pests staying in your home. To eliminate the water sources, you want to look for areas with standing water. These places may include the sink, tub or even a pet’s water dish. These places invite the unwanted pests. By taking a few extra minutes to wipe down, dry or emptying them, you can greatly improve your chances for a pest free home.

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