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Dealing with pests that enter the home and cause structural damage can be financially devastating. Millions of people across the country are faced with damage that costs thousands of dollars to repair. While termites come to mind when homeowners think of damaging pests, carpenter ants have the potential to cause significant damage.

Carpenter Ants: Signs and Damage

Carpenter ants chew through wood in search of a place to nest. Infestations may leave behind telltale signs in the form of wood shavings that are found around the wooden structures of a home. If a homeowner notices these shavings, there is a good chance that the infestation is already severe.

Carpenter Ants in Spokane

These pests are most often found in crawl spaces, attics, basements and other hidden areas in a home. Carpenter ants prefer to chew through wood that has been softened by water, so homeowners who are unaware of a leak that is saturating the wood structures in their home are often left with an infestation.

Large infestations can sometimes be heard within the walls of a building. A faint rustling and the presence of winged carpenter ants are two signs that an infestation is present in a home. Stopping the infestation as quickly as possible is essential to reducing the amount of damage that is done by carpenter ants.

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