Rodents are professional nuisances, which means that they require professional pest control methods to be exterminated. Not only can a single rat or mouse ruin the reputation of a business, but rodents can spread deadly diseases, cause unpleasant odors and damage your property as well. If you have a rodent problem and want to know how a professional would deal with it, here are the basics of professional rodent control.

Find out Where They’re Coming From

The first step in rodent control is to find out how the rodents in your house are getting in, and where they are hiding. If you don’t know these key locations, the strategies you use to fight them will fall short. Look for small holes near the bottom of your wall and rodent droppings indoors, as these are classic signs that there are rodents in that area. While outdoors, look for overgrown vines and weeds where rodents may be nesting.

Place Bait Stations and Traps

Next, set up a line of defense with a combination of bait stations and traps. Bait stations lure rats and mice in with the promise of a tasty treat and give them a lethal dose of poison, while traps kill much quicker. The best rodent traps use a CO2 powered steel bolt that impacts the rodent’s heads when they crawl into the machine looking for something to eat, killing them instantly and painlessly. Strategically place baits and traps in high traffic areas, such as along the sides of walls, behind furniture, and in dark, secluded parts of the house where rodents like to hide.

Stop Further Infestations

Once the problem has been taken care of, a pest control professional will make sure that another rodent infestation will not happen again by sealing up entry points located around your house, trimming back thick vines outside, and pointing out spots that are especially cluttered and messy where rodents may be able to make a hideout.

Now that you know the basics of professional rodent control, you can try and handle your infestation by yourself, although, considering the tenacity of rats and mice, and the damage they can do to your health and home, hiring pest control experts to inspect your house may be the safer route. For more information, or to receive quality pest control services, visit us at Eden Advanced Pest Technologies today.

How Professionals Treat Rodent Problems in Spokane WA and Coeur d'Alene ID

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