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Located about an hour from Spokane, Chewelah is a quiet and peaceful residential town. The area experiences cool winters and warm summers, so pest control problems may occur as the weather warms up. Some of the most common pests in the Chewelah area include ticks, bed bugs, termites, and ants.

Infestations are difficult to get rid of, so it’s important to work with pest control experts. Eden Advanced Pest Technologies provides pest control services for homes and businesses in the Spokane area.

Residential Pest Control

Having insects, rodents, or other pests in your home can be extremely stressful. These critters can cause damage to your home and bring in harmful viruses and bacteria. Even the smallest openings can allow bugs and animals to get in, so controlling an infestation on your own is difficult.

Eden Advanced Pest Technologies can inspect your home for entry points and look for subtle signs of damage. We use an integrated pest management system to reduce the pest population without hurting the environment, and our experts will show you how to reduce your risk of a future infestation.

Commercial Pest Control

Eden Advanced Pest Technologies provides commercial pest control services for a wide variety of industries, including food processing, hotels, hospitals, and schools. We know that pest problems can majorly interfere with your business, and protecting your products, working environment, and reputation is our top priority.

No matter what pests have invaded your commercial space, Eden can help. We offer advanced mosquito control, aquatic weed control, bird control, and bed bug treatment for our commercial clients. Our services are fast and discreet so that you can quickly and safely return to your usual operations without alarming customers.

Total Pest Management

Our Total Pest Management program protects your home from more than 50 pests, including termites, ants, rodents, fleas, and cockroaches. We provide quarterly visits with free in-between services so that your home is safe from pests year-round. The program also includes two interior and exterior rodent stations. This is the most cost-effective way to get comprehensive pest control services.

Washington residents may face a wide range of pest problems. Eden Advanced Pest Technologies offers the following services:

If you think you have an infestation in your home or business, don’t hesitate to contact a professional for help. The sooner you treat the pest problem, the easier it will be. Eden Advanced Pest Technologies is happy to help with any pest issues you may have. Call us today for a free service estimate.

Total Pest Management Program

If you are looking for convenient year-round pest solutions for a great price, be sure to check out our Total Pest Management Program. Sign up today and treat costly bugs without breaking the bank!