Rathdrum, ID Pest Control


Rathdrum is known for its comfortable summers and its freezing winters. Situated near Coeur d’Alene and Spokane, it shares the region’s vulnerability to pests like ticks, bedbugs and subterranean termites. Some pests, like bedbugs, can bite and injure you while others, such as subterranean termites, can hollow out walls and beams in a matter of years.

Home and business owners who suspect an infestation, though, have a professional company they can turn to for pest management. Our name is Eden Advanced Pest Technologies, and we’ve been around since 1986. You can trust us for a comprehensive inspection and detailed plan for elimination and control.


We can meet the needs of homeowners as well as residential property managers. What we do goes beyond the elimination of those pests that are currently infesting the home; we use integrated pest management to reduce the overall pest population to a more tolerable level without harming the environment.

IPM offers a balance between pesticide treatments and biological controls. The latter involves the controlling of pest populations through biological factors like the presence of natural predators. Sometimes, this can involve the importation of those natural predators into the surrounding environment.

Regarding our pesticide treatments, these are designed to pose as little risk as possible to both people and pets. The products are low-toxicity, and we use them only in remote locations and at particular seasons.

IPM also involves mechanical controls, including preventative measures like the sealing of cracks and the installation of nets and traps. Our company knows that pests will not disappear with just a one-time treatment, so we’ll monitor your home and communicate our findings with you.


If you are looking for convenient year-round pest solutions for a great price, be sure to check out our Total Pest Management Program. Sign up today and treat costly bugs without breaking the bank!


IPM also defines our approach to commercial pest management. Whether it’s a hospital, school, hotel, government building or food processing facility that needs service, we’ll be there. We know that a company’s reputation can be damaged by pests, so our technicians will be discreet in everything they do.

Bed bugs, in particular, can mar the reputation of hotels because they are (falsely) associated with only cheap motels. We can combine pesticides with vacuuming and heat treatments. Our technicians can also eliminate mosquitoes, birds, aquatic weeds and noxious weeds from commercial properties.

Our basic services, though, are:

The K-9 bed bug inspections are a unique offering; not every pest control company can boast of them. Our specially trained Beagle, Sammie, can quickly sniff out bedbugs and bedbug eggs and get the pest control program off to a good start.

We would love to tell you more about how we solve pest problems across Rathdrum. Contact Eden Advanced Pest Technologies today for a convenient appointment. You’ll receive a free quote for your pest control program.

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