Winter is a time to stay indoors and cuddle up by the fire with a good book. With the colder weather, you would think that all living creatures would be trying to stay warm in their own dens and hibernate for the season. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for all mammals, rodents and insects. Even as frigid temperatures continue to drop, you wouldn’t believe how many pests are active during the winter months.

Mice and Other Rodents

During the winter, mice and rats like to come into your home looking for easy access to warmth and food. They will nest almost anywhere, such as behind appliances, nestle inside your walls, in cabinets or in the attic or basement. The best way to detract these critters is to make sure that your food is properly stored, your home is kept clean and clutter free and any cracks and holes are sealed.


The cold doesn’t stop these critters from causing mayhem in your home. Raccoons are active all year round, although they do tend to slow down in activity and will spend several weeks sleeping in their dens, or any warm place that they can find, including your attic. As raccoons may carry rabies and other diseases, you should call for wildlife removal service right away. Raccoons can be aggressive, so you don’t want to try to handle the situation on your own.


These substantial pests can thrive all year long, as long as they have sufficient food and humidity. They will look for these sources of comfort in your home and can find it in surprising ways, feeding off of substances such as glue and cardboard. Due to the dangerous bacteria and allergens that these critters spread, it is best to call for cockroach treatment as soon as a cockroach infestation is spotted.


Most species of termites do not hibernate during the winter months. Instead, they bury themselves further underground which could mean that they go below your home’s foundation. Their activity level will slow down as the colder weather hits, but yet they still remain active. Some will even begin to swarm in late winter.

Carpenter Ants

These pests are often confused for termites as they are similar in appearance. Carpenter ants, like termites, like to build their nest in wood and will create tunnels that can cause major damage to the structure of your home. They are attracted to sugary sweet things that can be found in your kitchen and pantry, or any exposed pet food. If you spot carpenter ants in your home, they may have established a nest somewhere throughout the structure prior to the winter season. Often times, they will also come inside through infested firewood.

If you experience a pest infestation during the winter, don’t panic. Contact Eden Advanced Pest Technologies today!

Active Pests in Winter in Spokane WA and Coeur d'Alene ID

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