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Mole coming out of hole. Eden Advanced Pest Technologies provides fast mole control and removal services in Spokane WA and Coeur d'Alene ID.

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Eastern Washington is home to several destructive pests, including moles. These small, fur-covered, mammals with prominent hairless snouts and claws are known for digging intricate tunnels underground. Because of these burrowing habits, they can quickly destroy your yard, creating unsightly ridges and killing grass.

If you’re dealing with a mole infestation on your Spokane WA area property, turn to Eden Advanced Pest Technologies. We use industry-leading tools and methods to treat mole infestations quickly.

Signs of a Mole Infestation

Moles usually don’t get inside of homes, but they can wreak havoc in your yard. If you notice any of the following signs, contact the mole removal team at Eden Advanced Pest Technologies.

  • Sections of weak or dying grass
  • Patches of uneven lawn
  • Plants that are inexplicably dying
  • Soft soil or soil that collapses underfoot

Our Mole Removal Process

Our mole removal technicians are very familiar with moles and the signs they can leave behind as they tunnel below ground. During your pest inspection, our technicians will:

  • Identify if moles are in fact the pests causing damage to your yard.
  • Locate the moles around your property.
  • Locate entry points and quickly remove them using our Gopher X equipment.

The Gopher X is a very low-hazard method of removing gophers, moles, voles, and marmots. It involves pushing heated smoke and carbon monoxide through the animal’s tunnels for about 3 minutes, ultimately killing them.

This process:

  • Doesn’t use poisons that can kill or harm other animals, pets, or produce
  • It doesn’t disrupt your land
  • Doesn’t require traps
  • Fast and effective, taking only a few minutes

Mole Control & Treatment in Spokane WA

Although moles feed on grubs, earthworms, and other lawn-destroying pests, their tunneling behavior can become problematic for any homeowner. They may also bite if you try to handle them. Don’t risk trying to combat a mole infestation on your own. Instead contact Eden Advanced Pest Technologies, serving Spokane WA and Coeur d’ Alene ID. For three decades, our technicians have offered fast and effective techniques for mole control and removal. Contact us today for your free estimate!