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Spokane Rodent Control

Rats and mice may be small, but they’re a major threat to homes as well as their inhabitants. These troublesome pests can spread deadly diseases, cause unpleasant odors, and damage your home or business. Because these small pests breed quickly, a small infestation can quickly get out of hand. When you work with the rodent exterminators at Eden Advanced Pest Technologies, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your rodent problem is taken care of.

Types of Rats & Mice in the Spokane WA Area

Rodent Control

The first steps in rodent control is finding out how the rodents are getting into your home and locating where they’re hiding. When the weather gets colder, rodents will find their way into warm buildings by any means necessary. Rats and mice can squeeze in through small cracks or holes in the walls and foundations of a home. They are also known to sneak in through windows or sewage lines. If a home’s plumbing system is improperly sealed, rats and mice are able to squeeze through sink and bathtub drains. After we determine these, we’ll be able to properly treat your rodent problem and seal entry points to prevent future rodent infestations.

Rat & Mice Removal

If you’re dealing with rats or mice, we understand your initial reaction may be to get rid of them yourself using traps. But traps aren’t as effective as you think they are, unless you know how to properly set them. Rodents are not only fearful of new things like traps, but they can also smell your scent, which can steer them away from the traps. Trap placement is also key since rodents usually stick to running along walls. When it comes to rodents in your home or business, don’t take chances trying to find them all yourself. These pests can impact your health. Instead work with a professional rodent exterminator who knows how to detect, treat, and prevent rodents. When you work with our rodent control specialists, you can expect the following:

  • A thorough inspection of your home or business
  • Locating how the rodents are gaining access to your home or business
  • Locating where the rodents are hiding and seal those entrances
  • Identifying the rodent species
  • Recommending a treatment based on our findings, which can include traps and baits
  • Rodent clean-up after the pests have been removed to clear out any droppings, urine, or other messes
  • Follow up to ensure the rodent treatment has properly worked

It’s important to understand that the rodent removal process can take time, especially if you have a large infestation.

Rat & Mice Exterminators in Spokane WA

Rats and mice cause a number of problems for homeowners and business owners. They contaminate food and surfaces and act as hosts for parasites and dangerous illnesses like hantaviruses.

The damage they cause to buildings is an equally serious problem, especially when they gnaw on electrical wires. This gnawing has the potential to start dangerous electrical fires. Rodents also damage walls, floors, furniture, and upholstery with their constant chewing and can trigger allergy symptoms from dander floating around.

Rats and mice should be exterminated as quickly as possible to avoid these risks. If you notice signs of a rodent infestation around your home, contact Eden Advanced Pest Technologies in Spokane WA for a free quote. Our rat and mice exterminators have been providing safe and effective rodent control services since 1986.

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