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gopher in field prevented from entering spokane area homeowner’s backyard and garden


Have you ever dedicated countless hours to your garden, carefully selecting and nurturing each plant, only to see all of your hard work turn into a buffet for gophers? Don’t feel bad – eating gardens is something that gophers are very good at. But there are things you can do to avoid the same outcome next time. To help give you an edge against these highly adapted garden invaders, make this article your practical guide to keeping gophers out of your garden.

Can You Prevent Gophers with Natural Deterrents?

One of the best ways to deal with gophers is to do a little bit of preventative maintenance so that the next time gophers in your neighborhood are deciding where to go, they go to someone else’s house. The key is to make your garden as uninviting as possible. Here are some natural gopher deterrents and tactics that may help you prevent them:

  • Plant gopher-repelling plants: Daffodils are highly toxic to gophers, and many people have lots of success planting them around gopher-infested areas. Gophers dislike lavender and marigolds, as well. Gophers are sensitive to a variety of plants, so no matter how you style your garden, it’s easy to find a gopher-repelling plant that works for you.
  • Castor oil: Castor oil granules around your garden can act as a natural repellent, as gophers dislike its taste and smell.
  • Encourage predators: Natural predators like owls can help control the gopher population. Consider installing owl boxes to invite these allies (“owl-lies”?) into your yard.
  • Vibration and sound devices: Devices that emit vibrations or ultrasonic sounds can deter gophers without causing harm to them or the environment.

How Do You Protect Your Plants from Gophers?

If gophers are already present, the focus shifts to protecting your plants from becoming their next meal. Here are strategies to safeguard your garden:

  • Use wire baskets: Planting your flowers and vegetables in wire baskets can prevent gophers from reaching the roots.
  • Elevate garden beds: Raised beds can make it more difficult for gophers to invade.
  • Apply commercial repellents: Some repellents can be applied directly to plants to deter gophers without harming the plants.
  • Maintain a clean garden: Minimize food sources and hiding spots for gophers by keeping your garden free of debris and weeds.
  • Traps and poison solutions: This is the last and strongest line of defense, but many people are hesitant to use it as more than a last resort.

Is Gopher Control Difficult?

It’s not that gopher control is incredibly difficult so much that many homeowners don’t want to take the necessary steps themselves. With some strategy and perseverance, it’s possible to solve your gopher issues yourself.

Many homeowners hesitate to use poison due to concerns about application and safety. Traps are effective but can be intimidating for some to use. And while other methods promise results, their reliability can vary. If you’re hesitant about doing your own gopher removal, no problem – our gopher control specialists are standing by to help you.

Not sure if it’s gophers? Check out our article on how to tell the difference between burrowing mammals.

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Dealing with gophers can test the patience of any gardener. But remember, you’re not in this alone – Eden Advanced Pest Technologies stands out as the premier choice for gopher control in the area. 

Don’t let gophers undermine your gardening efforts. With our help, you can enjoy a beautiful, gopher-free garden once again. Call us today for prompt service and peace of mind.

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