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Gopher in burrow that was causing damage in Spokane area backyard


Have you recently noticed your garden looking a bit worse for wear, perhaps finding unexpected holes or mounds of dirt scattered across your lawn? You might be seeing the work of gophers, and you’re probably wondering about the extent of the problems these small, burrowing creatures can cause. Is this an annoyance you can ignore, or is there a risk of more serious problems?

Gophers might seem like harmless wildlife, but their presence on your property can lead to a range of issues that are far from minor annoyances. In this article, we’ll delve into the problems gophers can cause homeowners like you, from the risks they pose to the damage they can inflict on your property.

What are the Risks of Having Gophers in the Yard?

Imagine walking through your yard, enjoying the fresh air, only to almost trip over a hole that wasn’t there before. It’s one of many risks that result from gophers in your yard. Here are some of the other main risks:

  • Damage to Lawn and Garden: Burrowing gophers will tunnel under your lawn, displacing grass and weakening the entire soil bed. If you have a garden that you love, gophers will love it too. They eat plants, and will often pull entire vegetables or flowers underground from their roots.
  • Harm to Trees and Shrubs: Gophers also gnaw on tree roots and shrubs, weakening the overall health of large and seemingly sturdy plants. In rare cases, gopher damage can even lead to the death of mature trees.
  • Destruction of Landscaped Areas: Gophers can turn beautifully landscaped areas into a mess of dirt mounds and holes, significantly reducing the aesthetic and monetary value of your property.
  • Tripping Hazards: You may think of this as more of an annoyance than a risk, but these tripping hazards can be serious, especially for children and the elderly.

Can Gophers Damage Your Home?

Gophers are not just a nuisance; they can be downright destructive. When their vast networks of tunnels reach underneath your home’s foundation, it can undermine the structural integrity, leading to uneven ground and even cave-ins. This is the worst-case scenario, but it happens. 

Gophers may also chew soffits and eaves. Their burrowing can also damage irrigation systems, pipes, and even underground cables, leading to costly repairs.

Can Gophers Spread Disease or Injure People?

While direct attacks on humans are exceedingly rare, gophers can indirectly pose health risks through the diseases they can carry. Some gophers have been known to carry rabies, and their fleas can transmit pests and diseases to pets. Additionally, soil upheaval can expose humans to fungal spores such as those that cause valley fever. 

However, the risk of disease transmission is relatively low compared to other wildlife. The primary concern remains damage to your yard and property.

Looking for Gopher Control Services?

The problems caused by gophers, from minor annoyances to significant property damage, underscore the importance of addressing a gopher infestation promptly and effectively. This is where Eden Advanced Pest Technologies comes in. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are the best choice for gopher control in the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene areas. 

Don’t let gophers undermine your home. Call Eden Advanced Pest Technologies today and reclaim your peace of mind.

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