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Washington’s Greater Spokane area is among the most beautiful places in the country. While local residents love the area’s dry climate, the sunny weather also lures plenty of household pests. Here are three critters that have been known to cause trouble.


Termites are arguably the most destructive insects in the area. Don’t underestimate a termite’s tiny size. The average termite colony contains around 60,000 members, which makes these wood-eating insects especially problematic. Termites tend to target areas of your home that have a lot of moisture. If you happen to notice a sagging floor, this could be an indication of a serious termite infestation. Some of the other tell-tale signs of an infestation include piles of wings, mud tubes around your home’s foundation, and damaged wood. The best approach is to call a professional exterminator as soon as possible. By acting quickly, you can prevent thousands of dollars in property damage.


Rodents are always on the search for new habitats. You definitely don’t want your home to be invaded by these disgusting pests. A rodent can easily contort its body to fit through a tiny opening. Once rodents find an entryway into your home, it is only a matter of time before you will be dealing with an infestation. Rats and mice have the ability to breed extremely quickly. From your kitchen cabinets to your child’s bedroom, every area of your home will be at risk of being contaminated. Not only are rodents extremely unsanitary, but they can also ruin your home’s resale value. Their constant gnawing and chewing can cause a great deal of destruction. If a rodent happens to bite through an electrical wire, the likelihood of a fire increases dramatically.


Ants remain a big problem for homeowners in the Greater Spokane area. These social insects need a reliable source of food and shelter. Your home may prove to be the ideal habitat. There are a few common species in the area. Like termites, carpenter ants are structurally damaging. Carpenter ants destroy wood and other materials while building tunnels. This can lead to a quite expensive repair bill. Although pavement ants often remain outdoors under rocks and sidewalks, they can still cause problems. To protect their colony, these ants will sting their victims. Ants are always a problem during the summer. If you decide to host a cookout, they will certainly be attracted by the delicious smells. No guest looks forward to seeing ants crawling on their food.

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