As a pest control management company, we hear this question often. There are several factors involved in deciding the frequency of inspections. The best pest management strategy takes into consideration your geographic location, type of structure and the prevalence and type of pests in your area.

Key Factors to Consider

So how often should you inspect your house for pests? At a minimum, your home should be inspected once per year. As mentioned, there are other concerns that can impact your decision-making. If you live in an area known for heavy termite infestations or other damaging pests, such as rodents, we advise an inspection at least every six months.

Another consideration is the type of structure, such as wood vs. stucco, and the age and the condition of the home. Buildings can shift with age, and older homes often have more points of access for insects and other pests. Living close to open space areas can also increase pest activity in your environment. More frequent inspections can minimize the chance of those pesky pests taking up residence in your home.

You may know first-hand how a few pests can quickly turn into a huge problem. An infestation can spiral out of control, and costly structural damage can occur. It’s much better to be on the offensive rather than the defensive with pests. Scheduling regular pest inspections can be an essential part of safeguarding your home.

Having a Pest Inspection

At Eden Advanced Pest Technologies, we offer free pest inspections and service estimates. During an inspection, one of our trained service technicians comes to your home and looks for signs of insects or other pests. The technician checks to see where insects have access to your home and their potential nesting sites.

Based on this thorough inspection, we make recommendations for best pest control management. We always take into account the safety of your family, pets and home environment. Our approach is to use the least toxic products possible to resolve your pest problems.

Total Pest Management

As you can tell, we believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to pest control. Expensive repairs for structural damage caused by pests are worrisome for most homeowners. But serious health concerns, such as those caused by mosquitos or cockroaches, can be equally frightening.

Our innovative Total Pest Management Program offers a way to have a pest free environment year round. With quarterly service visits, we can provide an on-going assessment of the insects and pests affecting your home and respond as necessary to protect your property.

We’d like to help you have a pest free home. Contact Eden Advanced Pest Technologies to schedule your free inspection and service estimate today.

How Often Should Your House be Inspected for Pests? in Spokane WA and Coeur d'Alene ID

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by Eden Advanced Pest Technologies July 1, 2019

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