A house is one of the most significant purchases that we will make in our lifetime, so when we find damage to our home, it can be frustrating, not to mention costly. Identifying the source of the loss and knowing how to eliminate it is essential to every homeowner.

In the United States, many threats can damage a home, one of which are insects. These tiny creatures can destroy a home’s structure if they’re left undealt with for long periods.

One such vermin is the carpenter ant, with its sharp bite and tendency to nest inside of walls, their ability to cause structural damage is great. While only an ⅛ to a ½ inch in size, these long black ants can cost more than you realize. Let’s take a look at what kind of damage carpenter ants can leave behind.

What Does Carpenter Ant Damage Look Like?

The damage they leave behind is often mistaken for termite damage as the properties are similar in appearance. The main difference being that the termites eat the wood and carpenter ants burrow through it, living within the carved path they’ve created. They don’t often bite humans and are not venomous, so other than being a nuisance and eating the wood structure, you’re safe.

Carpenter ant damage is near places such as dishwashers, bathrooms, sinks, and laundry areas as they tend to like moisture. If you’ve found carpenter ant damage in your home, give us a call right away so we can fix any moisture issues in and around your house.

Prevent Infestations with These Tips

There are some simple pest prevention tips that you can use between service calls that will help cut down on the damage to your home.

  • Fix all leaks and maintain all plumbing.
  • Remove any wood piles located in or near the home.
  • Make sure all gutters stay free of clogs.
  • Caulk electrical and water lines as well as any cracks around the house.
  • Make sure all crawl spaces and attics are adequately ventilated.

Should you have any questions about what other steps you should take, call Eden Advanced to see how we can help.

Identifying Carpenter Ant Damage in Spokane WA and Coeur d'Alene ID

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by Eden Advanced Pest Technologies May 1, 2019

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