Insects and other pests love a house that has moisture and standing water. The water that stands in your home is both a place to drink and breed. This gives you double the reasons why you should keep your home dry. If you’re looking for tips for how to keep your home dry, read on to learn some tried and true techniques.

1. Do your dishes immediately.

Don’t let dirty dishes pile up in your kitchen sink. Of course if you don’t have time right that second to do the dishes, you can let them soak for a bit, but don’t ever let them sit longer than overnight. The standing water and the smell of the dirty food residue leftover on your dishes is enough to attract hungry pests to your house.

You should also check under the sink. This goes for your kitchen, bathroom and basement. Make sure your faucets are tight and up to date. If you have any leaks, be quick to have them dried up with towels at the least. You should then call for a plumber to have them properly tightened and serviced.

2. Consider a dehumidifier.

Damp areas like basements or attics can store excess moisture in the air and can even cause condensation on the walls. You should consider installing a dehumidifier in these areas to help balance the air. The damp environment is also enough to be attractive to insects like cockroaches who are looking for a place to live.

3. Secure the outside of the house.

No insect is meant to live inside. Anything that could be a pathway to the outside is a candidate for routes for those insects who should be outside. Windows, doorways, chimneys or any kind of vent could serve as an entryway. Keep up with the maintenance of your house. Repair any kind of tears or cracks.

4. Take trash out regularly.

Insects love the smell of wet decomposing matter. Old food, especially if it was cooked in any oil or sauce, can sit decaying in your trash bin. It’s an unpleasant smell to you and an appetizing smell to insects. Make a habit out of taking your trash outside so that any rotting smell will be at least outside your house.

If you’re having issues with insects in your home and need some professional help, feel free to contact Eden Advanced Pest Technologies to see if their services would be right for your situation.

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by Eden Advanced Pest Technologies February 3, 2020

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