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Pest Control and Local Exterminators in Kennewick WA

Local Exterminators in Kennewick WA

Kennewick, part of the dynamic Tri-Cities, stands out for its recreational opportunities, from the scenic Columbia Park along the Columbia River to the Southridge Sports and Events Complex. The area's growth as a retail and entertainment center, combined with its agricultural roots, makes Kennewick a diverse community. However, the region's climate and proximity to natural habitats mean it faces challenges with pests such as aphids and mites, which can affect both gardens and agricultural endeavors. Eden Advanced Pest Technologies is a locally-owned-and-operated pest control company that's been keeping properties in the Kennewick area pest-free since 1986. We treat and help prevent a variety of pests common in the Kennewick area, including ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, and termites. We also provide specialty pest control services. We're dedicated to the highest level of customer service standards. Whether you're interested in a one-time pest control treatment or regular pest control services, give us a call. We look forward to being your local source for specialty pest control services in Kennewick.

A More Comfortable Home Starts with the Crawl Space

Don't let your crawl space become a hidden hazard! At Eden Advanced Pest Technologies, we understand that the unseen corners of your home can have a big impact on your comfort and health. With our specialized crawl space services, we protect your home from the unwanted guests and odors that warmer seasons can bring. Let us help you maintain a clean and healthy living environment, safeguarding your home from mold, moisture, and air quality issues. Call us today for a cleaner tomorrow!

Tired of Termites?

Protect your property from the hidden dangers of termite damage with Eden Advanced Pest Technologies, your local experts in termite control. Servicing Kennewick and the surrounding area, we specialize in detecting, exterminating, and preventing termite infestations. Our detailed inspection and customized termite control treatment programs are backed by our robust Termite Treatment Warranty, ensuring your home or business remains safe and secure. Don't wait for the damage to become apparent—contact us today for a free quote and start protecting your investment against termites.

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Pest Control in Kennewick