Giant House Spider

Actual Size: ¾ with 2” leg span

Characteristics: Large size with black, brown, or grey pattern on back.

Legs: 8

Habitat: Generally found near floors in dark areas such as garages or basements. Not great climbers and may become trapped in bathtubs or sinks while searching for water.


  • Builds funnel-shaped webs that are flat and messy.
  • Most active in the fall when they are fully grown.
  • Often found in dark spaces such as storage sheds and basements.


Giant House Spiders in your area

Though giant house spiders can be frightening because of their large size, they are actually not an aggressive species. And, while they were once thought to be venomous, they have actually been shown to have little or no venom toxicity. Giant house spiders are often found in dark spaces such as storage sheds, bridges, barns, and similar structures. These spiders often construct funnel-shaped webs in corners and window angles. Though giant house spiders prefer to live outdoors, they may accidentally be carried inside in firewood, boxes, or other belongings. Since giant house spiders are not great climbers, they are mainly found near the ground.

Giant House Spider Habitat

Giant house spiders are drawn to dark and secluded areas, which means they are frequently found in garages or basements. If they are outside, they often build nests in rigid spots such as gaps between bricks or within firewood. Giant house spiders build funnel-shaped webs with a hole in the center, where they will sit and wait for prey. Unlike many other species of spiders, giant house spiders are not active climbers, so they typically remain near the floor. Some of these spiders may also become trapped in sinks or bathtubs after searching for water.

Giant House Spider Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Giant house spiders generally prefer to avoid contact with humans, and they are not an aggressive species. Bites from giant house spiders are rare, and their venom is not serious unless the victim has specific allergies. While these spiders are not considered dangerous to humans, their large size and frighteningly quick movements can make them an eyesore for home and property owners. If you spot the signs of a giant house spider infestation on your property, call a professional spider exterminator today!