Orb-Weaver Spider

Actual Size: 6 mm to 20 mm

Characteristics: Colorful, often orange or brown. Has very long legs.

Legs: 8

Habitat: Most active in the summer. Builds large concentric webs in garden areas, eaves, shrubs, and similar areas.


  • Also referred to as garden spiders.
  • Builds circular webs that can be over 6 feet in diameter.
  • Beneficial insects that can help control pest populations.


Orb-Weavers Spiders in your area

Orb-weaver spiders are a large and non-aggressive spider. With over 4,000 different species, orb-weavers are a very common arachnid throughout the world and can be found everywhere except for Antarctica and the Arctic. These spiders are often very colorful, typically in bright oranges or browns. Orb-weavers get their name from their habit of spinning elaborate, circular webs in gardens, fields, and forests. These webs can measure over 6 feet in diameter, and orb-weavers rely on vibrations through the web to locate prey.

Orb-Weaver Spider Habitat

Orb-weavers are carnivors that primarily feed on insects and other tiny organisms that wander into their webs. These spiders are most active in the summertime and are typically found in garden areas around the home. Orb-weavers are responsible for spinning the familiar circular-shaped webs, which can measure over 6 feet wide and connect between trees or buildings. Though these spiders can be beneficial by helping to limit the population of other pests such as bees and flies, orb-weavers can become a nuisance by leaving behind such large webs.

Orb-Weaver Spider Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Though orb-weavers are capable of biting, they rarely do and are not toxic to humans. Despite their scary appearance, orb-weaver spiders are not aggressive and are often timid around humans. They are mainly a pest when they leave behind large webs in places that are inconvenient to humans, such as in front of sidewalks or entrances to homes. If you have an outbreak of orb-weavers on your property, call your local spider exterminators to remove them quickly and effectively.