Sac Spider

Actual Size: ¼ to ⅜”

Characteristics: Tan legs and head, yellow abdomen.

Legs: 8

Habitat: Primarily lives outdoors in gardens, but may wander indoors during cold temperatures. Builds sac-shaped webs, often in corners or ceilings.


  • Known for building small tube or sac-like webs.
  • Frequently mistaken for the brown recluse, but doesn’t have the characteristic fiddle on its back.
  • Has a painful bite, but is not considered toxic to humans.


Sac Spiders in your area

Also known as a “yellow sac spider”, these arachnids are a common pest throughout the United States. These spiders are generally pale yellow or tan in color, and they are frequently found outdoors hidden in organic debris. In the cold winter months, sac spiders may try to enter homes in search of warmth and shelter. Though these spiders are often mistaken for the brown recluse for their coloration and size, the sac spider lacks the signature “violin” pattern on the back of brown recluses. Sac spiders are omnivores that generally feed on other types of spiders and garden insects.

Sac Spider Habitat

Sac spiders are drawn to dark and damp spaces. Outdoors, they are often found in gardens, under vegetation, beneath leaves, or within other organic debris. These spiders are also known for being accidentally shipped in agricultural products, such as grapes. During cold weather, sac spiders may also attempt to sneak indoors in search of food and shelter. These spiders are excellent climbers and are known for building sac-like retreats in corners or near the ceiling.

Sac Spider Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Sac spiders tend to be more aggressive than other spiders, and their bites can be quite painful. Sac spider bites are often misdiagnosed as brown recluse bites, largely because of the swelling, slow healing, and sores. However, sac spider bites are not as severe and are not medically significant, except for individuals with specific allergies. If you suspect you have been bitten by a sac spider and are concerned about any reaction, it is important to contact a medical professional immediately. Call your local spider exterminators if you spot sac spiders on or near your property.